Secrets to Finding a Sugar Daddy 

Here it is! I have been teasing my social media followers with this blog. I did not publish in fear that I would have no readers. I’ve since remembered that nearly everyone with a Facebook account has dabbled in internet stalking, so surely I’d gain a few curious followers.

Sure, most people don’t need a travel blog, but I’d like to offer you some reading material on the toilet each morning. Social media is great for nosy people. You can pretend to have better things to do than read this, but you’re still guilty of clicking. I know who you are!

…Just kidding, I’m not that savvy. You can click this as many times as you’d like (Girl, with whom I haven’t spoken in fifteen years, that wants to know if I got fat.), and I’ll never be sure who is reading. Stalk away!

I hope, at the very least, this brings you enjoyment to read. They say all publicity is good publicity, right? Feel free to critique me, share with friends, ask questions, compliment me (always humble), and tell me topics you’d like to read. I would like to be told that this is worth writing even if you aren’t my biggest fan.

Why write a travel blog?

I get messages and questions, from many people, asking about my travels. Some are simply curious to know how I manage to go where I go. Generally, they want details of my life because we have decided to follow completely different paths. Some have children, others are married, and a few are incarcerated …That last bit is not true, but I’ll accept jail mail.

Other questions come from people that are genuinely intrigued by my adventures, and they want to hear stories and see pictures.

Mainly all inquiries are in regards to how I afford to travel. These individuals ask tips to plan their own excursions. A blog seems like a good outlet to answer questions for those seeking information about my experience with travel and backpacking. It is also a good place to read about all of the ridiculous situations I get myself into. Bad luck, drunken nights, and an adventurous personality leave me with some interesting tales to tell.

I have high hopes that this could pave the way for new opportunities in my life. I’d love to find a sponsor to live in Western Australia with my dog, and find a job that incorporates my degree with traveling. Learning about photography along the way would be a nice bonus. I’ve given a lot of free advice since I began backpacking, who knows, maybe someday I could get paid for it.

A few years back, I went home to good ol’ Erie, Pennsylvania. One of my friends said there was a rumor going around about me. I was so excited to hear! I hadn’t been home in about nine months. A rumor about me was a huge deal, I’m easily flattered.

An individual had heard I have a sugar daddy that pays for all of my trips, and that’s how I afford to take them on my salary. The rumor spreader asked my close friend if it was true—knowing my friends—I can assume she said yes. People thought I was important enough to land myself a sugar daddy? Do they realize I can’t even land a single Tinder date?

Naturally, I was feeling special having rumors spread about me. I would have been satisfied knowing the people of my hometown hadn’t forgotten my existence altogether. Instead, a few locals believe I live in luxury, I’m so attractive that wealthy men go ga-ga for me, and I’m such a stunner that I deserve to be shipped across the globe on a man’s tab.

Shout out to the rumor starter! You made me feel, as much as, my imaginary sugar daddy is worth! I hope you envisioned my “daddy” as a handsome, smart man. Better yet, a rapper with a yacht. I just hope it wasn’t the stereotypical, decrepit, millionaire ninety-year-old that you conjured up. C’mon you know me better than that.

Jokes aside, this is the origin of my blog idea. I didn’t realize it was so unheard of for a woman to take care of herself and travel, without a man funding her.

I’m not going to act like everyone lives the same lifestyle as me. I cannot say that if you follow my steps you can go anywhere in the world. I’m just here to let you know how I afford to travel if you want to try it. Maybe you don’t even care how I get to these countries, and just want to read about what happens to me while I’m in them!

So, I’ll end my first entry with these thoughts:

Everyone that says they want to travel, but isn’t, is full of excuses. Quit making them! The only reason you aren’t doing what you want would be because you don’t truly want it. Whether you feel complacent in the life you have always known or you fear what could happen on your travels, the only thing holding you back, is you. Take action to see the places you want, and experience the adventures you desire. If not, sit back in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy reading while I put in the work for you.

Lots more to come.


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18 thoughts on “Secrets to Finding a Sugar Daddy 

  1. Get it girl!! Love this first entry. Esp bringing to attention that it shouldn’t be shocking for a woman to take care of herself and travel, and that if you want to travel, you need to stop making excuses. Looking forward to future entries!!

    1. Thanks, I love taking photos and editing, but I just don’t have any good equipment yet. Do you have any background in photography? It’s nice to hear from you, and thanks for the comment and support! 💜

      1. I have been wanting to get some nice equipment for the longest time. It’s just so expensive. Editing is the fun part anyway 🙂 I love your pics…Keep it up!!

  2. What a great start of your new blog, loved to read it. And yes, keep on traveling and remember “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. I really had a great time with you last year on our WA Tour. Please keep up your dream living in Australia with Bane and hopefully a great man who appreciats you and let you still travel and explore the world. Sorry that I can’t help you with your Aussie Visa 😉 hope to read more about your next travel plan’s 😎 all the best wishes from Switzerland, Dominic

    1. Aww, so sweet, Dominic! Thanks for the kind words. I had the best time traveling West Coast, OZ with the greatest crew. Maybe we will meet again in Switzerland, keep traveling yourself:)

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